mercoledì 11 settembre 2019

Korches Radio

Ricevuto Korches Radio – Free via Channel 292 da Rohrbach Waal (Germania)

Domenica 8 settembre 2019, alle 17.33 UTC a 6.070,00 kHz AM, ho ascoltato il programma di musica folk e hits, della stazione Korches Radio, qualità della ricezione appena sufficiente.

Per l'ascolto ho utilizzato il ricevitore SDR FDM S1 Elad abbinato ad un PC Intel Core i7-4771 CPU 3.5 Ghz e il software SDRSharper v0.3h mentre l'antenna, è una Delta-Ewe autocostruita + preamplificatore (W7IUV self-made)

Report inviato per email a:, ricevuto messaggio email di conferma, con allegata eQSL elettronica in 2 gg

 " Hello dear shortwave friend,
Thank you for your extensive report. Korches-Radio comes from Altenkunstadt. That is in Upper Franconia (Bavaria). The Korches means Kordigast and is our local mountain.I am the Sabrina, also a little over 50. A youthful dream of having my own radio program. Through a Facebook friend, I came up with the idea. Actually, it should be only 5 programs. Now comes on the 22.09 already the No. 10. The first broadcasts were still rock and disco. Unfortunately, there is hardly any music left on the analog bands from Germany. That's why I got the idea to produce folk music and hits. I looked at her block and marveled. Real top and above all the antennas.
 I had not heard anything on my system here. I have a 20 meters end-fed wire antenna in the garden as receiver a R-5000 FRG7 and a YAESU FRG 8800. The distance to the transmitter should be only approx. 200km. However, this worked through the WebSdr in Enschede. I have reports from England, Greece, Italy, Ukraine and Germany. The shortwave is sometimes strange ways.
Since my English is not that good, I used the google translator. Please do not be surprised if the english is not perfect

Thank you, for your receipt.
73 and always a good reception
Sabrina Sander-Petermann "


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