giovedì 1 novembre 2018

Radio Sovereign

Ricevuto Radio Sovereign – dall'Irlanda

Mercoledì 31 ottobre 2018, alle 17.02 UTC a 6.317,98 kHz AM, qualità della ricezione appena udibile.

Ascolto effettuato con il ricevitore SDR Elad FDM-S1, antenna Delta-Ewe 18m. (self-made) e preamplificatore da 20 dB(W7IUV self-made)

Report, inviato via email a, conferma dopo circa 1,5 ore, con messaggio ed eQSL.

" Ciao Claudio.

Thank you for your report/recording regarding my station Radio Sovereign. I can confirm from your report/recording and the on-air playlist logs that you received Sovereign today, the 31st of October, between approximately 1702 and 1720 UTC. I have included the latest eQSL for you. 
You heard Sovereign just at the point I started to play some Halloween music and effects.

Most of the time Sovereign is automated, although I do go live every chance I get. I use Station Playlist Studio for audio playout and Station Playlist Creator for generating the playlists, they both work very well together, once it is all set up it pretty much fires away happily 24 hours a day. and thankfully so does the transmitter. Ha!

Ok, the transmitter I use is pretty much homebrew, I like to build my own transmitters so with the exception of the PSU and the DDS unit, the rest is all homebrew. 
I use a 74hc240 IC to drive a single GaN Mosfet @ 24 volts giving me an output of 40 watts, I feed that into my end fed halfwave inverted L through a homebrew coupler, an inductor and an air variable capacitor, which tunes nicely. I am using an end fed halfwave because I have not got the room for a dipole, but it is so far working ok, For the modulator, I use an LM3886 audio IC, driving a couple of 2N3055's, it is old school class A but it sounds good and does the job, plus its simple to build. I got a report from the east coast of the USA last week so I am delighted with that. I have over 20 different reports so far, including your's Claudio, which is my first from Italy, so looking forward to many more. 

The transmitter is located in a town called XXXXXX on the northeast coast of southern Ireland. I operate it from my own QTH without any hassle at all thankfully, the authorities here don't really care about AM unless of course, it causes interference. 
Transmitting on the FM band here is a no-no, so I stick to Mediumwave / Shortwave, it is more fun after all.

Ok Claudio, many thanks again for taking the time to listen, log and forward your report.

Best 73's and continued good DX.


Tony D

Radio Sovereign. "

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